Alastair Yeoh

  1. Tell us more about yourself :) - what current stage of life you’re at, hobbies ect.

    • 6 years post-med school. Completed Core Medical Training in the UK. Currently on a break from work in the UK and working for MSF in a refugee camp in Ethiopia. Hobbies include meditation, reading and cycling!

  2. How did you first find out about Effective Altruism? ⏲️

    • William Macaskill's book Doing Good Better

  3. Why did you decide to work in healthcare? 💊

    • Good profession to help others, secure and many opportunities for growth and travel.

  4. Any advice to others in a similar situation as yours, or people earlier in their career?

    • Consider spending some time working/volunteering in a low-resource setting. Even if it may not be your ultimate career path, you'll probably learn something very valuable.

  5. What do you think are some of the important considerations when trying to develop ones' career in an effective way?

    • Try to choose something that will help maintain your desire to help others. Some environments are more or less conducive to this. Seek out other people who also look beyond their own circumstance.

  6. Is there anything you hope to see in the EA-Med network? 👀

    • A growing community. Discussion on how to change the culture of giving. Ideas and plans that people can follow to start the conversation within their own sphere of influence.