About Us


  • The EA Medicine team has merged into the High Impact Medicine team.

  • The goals of the new group are largely the same. In an effort to be more effective it was decided for the two groups to combine forces.

  • This website will remain active to direct healthcare professionals interested in EA to the HI-Med team.

  • https://www.highimpactmedicine.org/

Who are we?

  • We are a network of healthcare members, who use evidence and reason to decide how we can maximize our impact in helping others. The Effective Altruism Medicine group was created for all healthcare and medical professionals. Whether you are a clinician (doctor, nurse, pharmacist, pre-med, etc), a life-science researcher, public health worker, or just someone who is interested in effective altruism and some of these topics, this group was created for your benefit!

Why was this group created?

  • Healthcare workers and researchers are often altruistic by nature and want to make the world a better place. This group was created to help channel these innate tendencies we possess toward effective efforts. This group was made to guide people through the various steps of becoming effectively altruistic: from learning the core ideas of EA, donating more effectively, and to address questions of how to have an impactful career!

  • Furthermore, this network hopes to connect like minded people to propel fruitful conversations forward.

Ways to get connected:

EA-Medicine Team Leadership:

  • Hunter Lau, Physician (USA): Group coordinator

  • Tricia Tan, Medical Student (Singapore): Co-coordinator

  • Steven Doerstling, Medical Student (USA): Writing

  • Jacob Woessner, Medical Student (USA): Pioneer/event planner

  • Danielle Rosenfeld Lovell, RN/Computer Science (Australia): Pioneer/event planner

  • Rich Armitage, Physician (UK): Pioneer/event planner

Effective Altruism and Medicine Network