An evidence based stance on doing good.

We are a community of healthcare members, who use evidence and reason to decide how we can maximize our impact in helping others.


  • The EA Medicine team has merged into the High Impact Medicine team.

  • The goals of the new group are largely the same. In an effort to be more effective it was decided for the two groups to combine forces.

  • This website will remain active to direct healthcare professionals interested in EA to the HI-Med team.


Learn the core principles of EA

Often, the largest social impact we can have is by donating to evidence-backed charities.

There are a number of ways to develop a high impact career in and outside of healthcare

Who should join this group?

The Effective Altruism Medicine group was created for all healthcare and medical professionals. Whether you are a clinician (doctor, nurse, pharmacist, pre-med, etc), a life-science researcher, public health worker, or just someone who is interested in effective altruism and some of these topics, this group was created for your benefit!

Ways to get connected: