An evidence based stance on doing good.

We are a community of healthcare members, who use evidence and reason to decide how we can maximize our impact in helping others.

Getting Started:

Effective Altruism is the principle that of the numerous of ways one can do good in their life, some are more effective than others. Furthermore, it is possible, and preferable, for people to make evidence based decisions to maximize the impact they have. Here are 3 key steps for getting started:

Learn the core principles of EA

Often, the largest social impact we can have is by donating to evidence-backed charities.

There are a number of ways to develop a high impact career in and outside of healthcare

Who should join this group?

The Effective Altruism Medicine group was created for all healthcare and medical professionals. Whether you are a clinician (doctor, nurse, pharmacist, pre-med, etc), a life-science researcher, public health worker, or just someone who is interested in effective altruism and some of these topics, this group was created for your benefit!

Ways to get connected: